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Rad Products for Surfing

This shaper made my fish that I am in LOVE with! They’re a smaller company based in Santa Cruz, CA. In San Diego, Strive boards are available at South Coast surf shop.

For those who suffer from sinusitus (I know, this is sounding like a drug commercial…), these nose plugs are low profile and surfer tested and approved. I haven’t tried them yet, but probably will after just one more sinus infection! If you try them, leave a review here for others to see!

For general surf gear, super cute clothes and jewelry, and of course, surf lessons, check out Surf Diva! This business also sponsors our Surf Mamas group, so they are even more awesome!

I have a new love of Patagonia gear- wetsuits, swim suits and jackets. Although Patagonia gear is a bit (OK very) pricey, it lasts for years! They also have frequent sales for various reasons- end of season, beginning of season, changing of seasons- check in for sales at the store in Cardiff by the Sea, or online at Or just check in with me. I’m a bargain shopper and will only buy this amazing stuff at a deep discount.

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  1. deannameier Post author

    FYI, I bought a sinus saver…unfortunately the smallest size they make is too big for my apparently small nostrils. When they start to make size small I’ll buy again. The plug is really robust and fills the nostril, so I can see how it will stay in well. It’s transparent, so I don’t think I’ll look like the biggest dork ever out in the water. A sinus saver coupled with my extra white sunscreen will be stylin;! 😉

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